In a global culture increasingly characterized by the elimination of wires and proliferation of wireless mobility, healthcare is the next industry to benefit from these emerging technologies despite the complex nature of upgrading medical-grade patient monitors and an acceptance of the legacy systems as good enough.

To continuously measure something as simple as heart rate and blood oxygen levels — two of the core vital signs used to monitor patients suffering from numerous chronic and acute conditions — requires the patient be wired up to devices which limit independence and mobility. In the hospital there is a solution for continuously monitoring all of these parameters simultaneously, but there is no long-term, mobile and comfortable continuous out-patient monitoring solution.

Many consider the wrist to be the premiere location to conduct any sort of wearable monitoring because of the familiarity most patients already have with wearing watches on their wrists. Dozens of startups are developing wrist-worn activity monitors, but very few pledge to offer medical grade monitoring of key vital signals including blood oxygen saturation.

The Oxitone is a bracelet pulse oximetry device which eliminates the need for an ‘crocodile clip’ fingertip sensor and thereby continuously measuring oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate and other vital signals wirelessly and entirely at wrist. Unlike the hospital-based continuous health monitors the Oxitone device has an ergonomic and attractive watch-like design, making it wearable, inexpensive and reliable throughout the patient’s daily activity. The Oxitone offers patients, clinicians and healthcare providers a significant value proposition by enabling continuous, automated remote patient monitoring with the real-time two-way biofeedback. It results in a high monitoring efficacy at low cost.

The Oxitone trans-illumination  pulse oximetry technology enables to capture SpO2 measurements at wrist disrupting a legacy of the patient monitoring markets currently dominated by the bulky fingertip devices for episodic measurements.

The Oxitone’s ultimate goal is to provide a cloud based complete continuous monitoring solution with the social networking.